Friday, October 31, 2008

I Heard Obama and Clinton Speak in Florida

This past week, I was in Orlando, Florida at a conference. Florida is a pivotal state in the election, and all of the candidates are spending a lot of time and money there. On Wednesday night, Clinton and Obama appeared together in Kissimmee, Florida. Two of my co-workers and I took a cab to Kissimmee and waited in for 5 hours before anyone spoke. Then we stood for another hour while we listened to several speakers.

The night was capped with Clinton giving a great speech. Then Obama spoke. It was a great experience, and I'm glad I went. I was dead dog tired, and I felt like my feet were going to fall off, but it was worth it. No matter what happens on Tuesday, this is an historic election. I loved Clinton as our President. I know he slept around with many women and had an inappropriate relationship with Lewinksi. I don't care about any of that...I really don't. He was great for our country. He was a great President, and I only wish he could be again.

Obama was just like I've seen him dozens of time on TV. He's dynamic. He's personable, and people LOVE him.

Make sure to vote.

Here are some pics from the rally on October 29, 2008.