Thursday, February 26, 2009

The island is now a memory

My trip to Guam was about as perfect as a business trip could be. While Guam is way out in the middle of the Pacific, the flight wasn't too terribly bad (it's 7 1/2 hours past Hawaii...for those who don't know).

Guam has a very unique history, and one that I'm certain that many Americans are not familiar with. Long ago, it was ruled by the Spanish. The Japanese occupied it during WWII, and it is now a US protectorate territory. Between now and 2014, the US will be closing Japanese military bases (like Okinawa) and moving thousands of military personnel and their families to Guam. I'm hopeful that this will help build the local economy and strengthen the infrastructure.

Click here to read a pretty good overview:

Guam is a lot like Hawaii, but the economic conditions are considerably worse. We took a trip around the southern tip of the island and saw many of the villages. It's very clear that most of the economic action on the island takes place in the central and north.

Regardless of north or south, village or city...the scenery and the people were beautiful. I'm appreciative of the opportunity to meet people at Guam Community College and the University of Guam.

Here were a few pictures I took at Two Lovers Point (a very famous cultural landmark).

Click here to read the legend of Two Lovers Point:

It sure is beautiful.

Tumon Bay: A view from Two Lover's Point

This last picture is of me at the property on Two Lovers Point by the symbolic representation of the latte stones: the iconic symbol that represents Guam. The stones remind me of a challis, and they are everywhere across the island. Click here to read about the stones:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wendy is in Guam....

Yes, I'm in Guam for work, and it's been a very nice trip so far. The real work starts today (Tuesday), but I've been able to cram in a mini-vacation into a day and a half! Here are some gorgeous pictures of the island.

This is me at the beach by the Hilton in Tumon bay. The water was absolutely wonderful! I got in and snorkeled for about an hour. I discovered Sea Cucumbers. I thought they were big whale turds or something, but when one moved on the bottom of the ocean floor, I was all done!!!

Pretty flora on the Hilton property.

A monument to Ferdinand Magellan who landed on the island in 1521.

Talofofo Bay...on the southeast side of the island.

Elle Got Her Red Belt

On Saturday, Elle tested for her Red belt in Taekwondo. She's approaching that black belt.

Ironically, Domi can still take her down!

Sorry, no pictures. I took the camera with me and left Dean camera-less.

Great Job, Elle!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bradley's Valentine Day Dance

Oh...the boy is growing up. This was the first "real" get dressed up kind of dance Bradley has been to. In the past, he's either 1) not been old enough; 2) only had Junior High dances (which take place DURING school in Utah); 3) not been "able" to go for grades or whatever.

Here are some pictures. Boy do I feel old. I still remember going to my Homecoming dances and having the whole "pictures with the date experience." I hope those crazy kids mind themselves...but really, I'm just hoping they don't do some of the stupid things I did in high school (after) dances....most of the stupidity was due to lack of sleep and lack of judgement. Enough about me...on to Bradley's pictures.

This poor girl struggled with the boutonniere.

I left Dean and Bradley to get the was a mess. I had to retro-fit it with a ribbon that tied on her wrist because it didn't have the wrist-thingy. I'm hoping it stays on. I also had Bradley bring a band-aid because the floral wire was poking out a bit. I said, "If she complains that it's hurting her, slap a band aid on her wrist."

Below: Their "Group."

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Beautiful Flowers

My friend from church, Karlie Badger, made my Valentine arrangement. What a wonderful surprise they turned out to be, and trust me, I'm very difficult to surprise!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Tasty Chicken Recipe

I'm typically not one to cook, but since we have a kitchen that is manageable, I've tried a lot more than I ever have before.

My friend, Leona, gave me this idea, and it was quite tasty!

Chicken Cordon Bleu (Weight Watchers Style)

4 oz chicken breast
1 oz thinly sliced ham
"Laughing Cow" Cheese Wedges
Seasoning (like garlic salt or onion salt)

Pound chicken with meat tenderizer until thin enough to be able to "roll"
I put saran wrap around the chicken and pound it that way.
Season chicken with your preferred seasoning (I used poultry seasoning and onion salt)
Place two very thin slices of ham in the middle of the chicken
Put one wedge of cheese on ham and "spread" with a spoon (the cheese doesn't easily spread)
Roll chicken and secure with a toothpick.
Coat with either bread crumbs or "Shake and Bake"
Place chicken rolls on baking dish (sprayed with Pam).

Bake at 400 Degrees for 35 Minutes.
Remove toothpicks and serve.

Very, very yummy and only 7 WW points.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Homemade" Salad

As you know, Dean and I have joined (re-joined) Weight Watchers, and we've been diligent about eating better. Today I volunteered to make dinner and on the menu was a tossed salad, baked potatoes and pork chops.

Elle helped me make the salad, and in the end, she had to do the whole thing because I cut my finger...and didn't want to bleed on the veggies (yeah, gross, I know...but it would have been grosser had it actually happened.)

Today I actually bought a head of lettuce instead of the salad in a bag. I thought...any way I can save money, and that salad in a bag can be expensive and doesn't taste fresh to me. I taught her how to core the lettuce without a knife, and she was amazed. I then told her in my best Martha Stewart like voice that you always tear lettuce and never, never cut it with knife.

She was really getting into her first lettuce ripping experience when she said, "So, are we making homemade salad then?" I laughed and laughed. Poor kid. Everything comes out of a bag, and when you actually spend more than 20 seconds making something, she thinks it's "homemade." Ah, the "instant generation."