Thursday, March 29, 2012

"My baby"

I do most of my posting about my granddaughter, Layla, on Facebook.  Today, I wanted to write a post about her for my blog.  See this picture here?  This pretty much sums up how much I love this baby girl.  Her smile is so infectious that It is impossible to not smile back.  This picture was taken last week on my birthday. 

This series of pictures was taken on Sunday in our front yard.  It was an unseasonably warm day in March, and we all were outside (some without shoes) to enjoy the warm day.

 She's a good crawler...and she'll be walking in no time!
"Come to grandma!"  I'm the one pointing the big camera in her direction. Seriously, what is not to LOVE about that face?
Then there is this picture....her mom sent it to me last week.  The picture on the wall is of Layla when she was just a day old.  It is Elise's favorite picture, so I had it made into a canvas print for her for Christmas.  There is Layla in her crib waving at her younger self.  Elise says that she always gets so excited when she looks at the picture...that she jumps up and down.  All I have to say is that this child also likes looking at herself in a mirror or reflective surface (so does her dad, by the way).
There you have it.  Shameless grandma bragging about her cute little granddaughter, Layla Rae Davis.

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